PushUps4Parkinson’s is pleased to announce our newest partnerships in the global 10.10.10 Challenge. This movement is an effort to challenge the world to do 100 million push-ups and raise $100 million in 6 months (10 push-ups and $10 at a time) to find a cure for Parkinson’s, support and educate caregivers, and improve quality of life for those living with Parkinson’s.

PushUps4Parkinson’s has united with The Michael J. Fox Foundation, Parkinson’s Foundation, Caregiving 101Relias AcademyBrian Grant FoundationParkinson’s QueenslandSeniorlink, and other organizations in promoting the campaign, already underway.

Organized by the Cutler Foundation, PushUps4Parkinsons originally began as founder Evan Cutler’s personal push-up challenge of 100 every day for life, to honor his father Keith during his courageous 14-year journey with Parkinson’s, and mother Arleen, dedicated caregiver. With some quick math from the help of his son Jonah, they realized that if Evan continued this push-up movement every day until the age of Keith’s passing, 74, he would reach 1,000,000 push-ups.

”If I can do one million push-ups, and I will, then we should be able to get the rest of the world to do 100 million! And while we’re at it, let’s raise 100 million dollars,” said Cutler.

The project quickly gained attention within the Parkinson’s and caregiver communities and expanded to a movement with potential impact on a global scale. Now known as the 10.10.10 Challenge, participants are encouraged to record and share a video or pic of themselves doing 10 pushups, give $10 at http://www.my101010.org and challenge and tag 10 friends to do the same.

Global Challenge Day events are being planned for October 10th of this year, with the goal of uniting people around the world to simultaneously do push-ups at 10:10 am. The goal? To enter the Guinness Book of World Records for most pushups at one time.

“We’re going to engage the world to have some fun and improve our health, all while providing funding to educate, enrich and improve the lives of caregivers and those with Parkinson’s,” says Cutler.

Thank you to our partner, Relias Academy, who is offering free Caregiving 101 Parkinson’s education courses to family and professional caregivers. Access the free courses here. Relias is a trusted provider of continuing education courses for families and professionals to improve the level of care provided to those with Parkinson’s around the world.


For more information, or to get involved today, please visit http://www.pushups4parkinsons.org or find us on Facebook.